Executive Producer

Rick Carlson

I wear many hats, husband, father, pastor and musician.  I’ve been married to Pat for almost 40 years and can’t wait for the next 40. She is the love of my life and our two grown children, Kyle and Kelsey and their spouses, are my glory!   My first career was as a music composer and producer. My second has been as a pastor. Both careers have led me to pursue the vision of One Voice Community Choir.

From an early age I loved playing, singing, and writing music.  In college, at Seattle Pacific University, I started out as a trombone performance major but realized I would never make a living at it. So, I switched to Music Education.  After graduating, I never taught a day because my heart was not in it. My heart was in writing and creating music. This led me to start a traveling singing group, as well as producing a number of music albums and musical theater projects.  I eventually served as the main stage producer for over 30 national youth and adult conferences. I am probably best known for a video project I participated in a number of years ago. I played the character of Mr. Quigley in the Christian children’s video series called, “Quigley’s Village.”  

With Pat’s encouragement, I entered a private music school called Grove School of Music in Studio City, California, which focused on music composition and arranging for TV and film. While under the teaching and mentorship of seasoned Hollywood musicians like Henry Mancini, Nelson Riddle, Michael Omartian and the guy who wrote the theme to “Gilligan’s Island,” I discovered a love for writing music. And now, after years of composing and arranging hundreds, perhaps thousands of songs in a broad spectrum of genres, I am blessed to be the creative director for One Voice.

I have carried the dream of One Voice for over 20 years and now it is a reality.  Back in the mid 1990s when I responded to the call to become a pastor, I thought that my days of writing music were over.  And now, by the grace of God, both careers have merged. “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound….”