Development Director

Alicia Elmamouni

One Voice kind of fell into my lap.  I have always been surrounded by music – grew up with a mother who taught piano and voice and also acted as church pianist, a father and siblings who participated in music; I started playing piano at age 3, added flute and voice as I jumped into my teenage years, and have always been moved deeply by chords and strings and minor keys.  I never expected to be involved in helping to build a choir though, much less participating in an endeavor that is intended to be so much more than just a choir. It’s a movement to bring hearts together.

When I was initially approached to help out as Development Director for OVCC, I was surprised, but also intrigued.  After some thought and prayer, I felt led to see how God was going to work through this opportunity. It is humbling, but also really exciting and the vision from the leaders of the choir clearly shows the potential this initiative could have on the city of Sioux Falls.

I am a Sioux Falls transplant from Montana, Indiana, and Morocco – all places that have formed me in different ways, just as South Dakota is now working on me a little every day to smooth edges and sharpen corners.  I have a science background, but work in international philanthropy. I keep myself busy in my spare hours trying to keep up with my son, getting dirty camping or gardening, traveling…anywhere, and writing letters (yes, with paper and pen) or flipping pages in a new book.

Excited to have you on board and see how we can partner together to make One Voice the voice of our community.